3 Reasons To Take Taxis Instead Of Renting A Car On Your Next Vacation

There are a lot of things to plan and schedule when you take a vacation. You need to research and book a flight, and reserve hotel rooms in advance. You may need to pay ahead of time for tickets to attractions that you intend to visit while you're there. But the next time you're planning a vacation, you can skip at least one stage of your planning – the rental car. Instead of finding, reserving, and paying for a rental car, why not just take a taxi when you're in town? There are a lot of good reasons why taxis are a better choice while you're on vacation than rental cars. Take a look at a few of them.

Less Expensive

Taxi rates vary depending on the location that you'll be traveling to, but one thing is nearly certain – whereever you go, taking taxis when you get there will cost you less than renting a car. Just ask the business travelers that are turning to taxis more and more often in order to save money. As a vacationer, you can do the same thing, and leave yourself more money to spend on souvenirs and activities.

Take some time to think about the fees associated with a rental car. There's the daily price of the rental, plus the insurance, plus taxes and any fees the rental agency decides that they want to add on. Then you'll have to pay for gas while you're driving the car, as well as for parking (which can be quite expensive at common vacation attractions like amusement parks.) With a taxi, on the other hand, you just pay the fare and you're done. No extra fees, no filling up the gas tanks, and no parking costs. Plus, on the off chance that you get into an accident, you're not responsible for any of the repair costs.

Safer and Less Stressful

Speaking of accidents, there's a good chance that taking a taxi reduces your chances of having one while you're on vacation. Driving in an unfamiliar city can be less safe than driving in your own hometown. At home, you know where everything is – you aren't likely to be distracted from the traffic because you're looking for a street sign or a landmark, as can happen in a strange city.

What's more, road rules vary from location to location, and not knowing the traffic laws that apply to the city you're visiting can also put you in danger while you're on the road. Instead of adding a local DMV manual to your already busy vacation planning schedule, just let a taxi driver take over. After all, they know the area and the traffic laws in that area better than anyone – they're much less likely to make a dangerous mistake. Besides, you're on vacation to relax. Why spend your time hassling with maps and unfamiliar traffic signs when you could let someone else do the driving?

More Fun

A taxi ride doesn't always have to be just a means to a destination – it can be an exciting vacation experience in and of itself. In Miami, Florida, you can take a ride in a Party Taxi, complete with strobe lights, fog machine, and a cab driver who doubles as a DJ. Florida also has several air taxi services, if you need fun and fast transportation from one part of the state to another. In New York City, the water taxis are an experience that every visitor to the city should have at least once.

In some locations, the local taxis are a part of the cultural experience that you won't want to miss during your visit. For example, a trip to Havana, Cuba, wouldn't be complete without a ride in a Coco taxi – a tiny, egg-shaped yellow vehicle that hurtles along the road at surprising speeds.

Don't just rent a car for your next vacation because it's what you've always done. On your next vacation, save money, navigate the streets safely, and have a new experience by taking advantage of your destination city's local taxi services