Into The Car You Go: Questions To Ask To Ensure You'll Be On Your Way Once Your Flight Arrives

Arranging for a limo service to pick you up at the airport means that your car trip after your flight should be comfortable and a lot friendlier than some of the airlines crossing the country these days. But you do want to be sure that you'll be able to get in that limo or town car and that there won't be a last-minute issue that leaves you waiting. Airport limo services want you to be happy with their cars and drivers, and you should ensure that you follow all their rules. Asking about these issues when you make your reservation is a good idea.

Will the Driver Wait?

What happens if your flight is late? What happens if you miss a connection and have to come in much later? Find out what the refund or fee transfer policies are in case your flight is delayed or you miss your connections. Will any fees you paid be transferred over to a new reservation? Can you get a refund?

Also, what happens if you miss your flight late at night? Some limo services don't operate 24/7, so will you have to grab a taxi and wait for a refund from the limo company? If there are any policies that prevent a refund or rescheduling with no extra fees, you need to know ahead of time so you can have alternative emergency plans.

Honor Goods in Limos

If you're being picked up by someone in an actual limo, there may be an honor bar with snacks and small bottles of water or other drinks, or a small survival-type pack with tissues, aspirin, and more. Find out now if any of that is included in the transportation fee or if you'll be charged extra. There are special fridges now in hotels that use a sensor to detect when something is removed from the honor bars there, and that sensor charges your credit card; will the limo have something similar? Find out now before you get hit with another bill.

Vaping Policies

Vaping has landed in a gray area when it comes to no-smoking policies. Companies can ban it completely, but others haven't. If you vape, don't assume that you can do so in the car, even with the windows rolled down. The driver could refuse to transport you and your friends if you try to vape in the car.

Pet Policies

If you're flying with a pet, let the limo service know when you make your reservations. The company may have to assign a particular limo to you (similar to how some hotel rooms are reserved as pet-friendly and off-limits-to-pets for allergy reasons), or you may have to find a different company altogether as some might not allow non-service animals into the car. Don't assume that your pet will be treated as another passenger until you verify the limo company's pet policy.

These make it sound like it will be hard to find a limo company if you vape or have pets, or if you might be on a late flight. But do not worry -- airport limo companies have seen it all before and should have policies in place to deal with all eventualities. To learn more, contact a company like SF City Limo