3 Reasons Taxi Services Still Make More Sense For Business Use Than App-Accessible Transport

Technology has made it possible for people to request a ride when they need it right from their smartphone via mobile transportation apps. A lot of people who are traveling for business do rely on these apps instead of a traditional business taxi service. However, this is not always the best route to take, literally. The fact is, mobile transportation apps like Uber and Lyft still have some disadvantages that can be a real problem for someone traveling for business purposes. Take a look at a few of the biggest reasons traditional taxi services make a more logical choice when you have to travel for business reasons. 

Taxi service vehicles are easily recognizable. 

Say you have a business associate coming in from out of the country and you want to arrange a pickup for them at the airport. You could get on your phone and schedule a ride for them through one of the transportation apps, but if you do, you can't really rely on what type of vehicle will be showing up to give your business associate a ride. If you call a taxi service, you can rest assured that the vehicle that shows up for pickup will be one that is easily recognizable by your business associate even though they are not from around here. 

Taxi services have a more stringent hiring process. 

When people sign up to be a part of the driver system for these mobile app companies, the onboarding process is not all that hard. Basically, drivers are required to have a clean driving history and submit to a criminal background check, but there is no real interview process or vetting beyond that. On the other hand, taxi services take great strides to ensure the drivers they hire are fitting for the position. Therefore, you can better trust a driver that is with a taxi service to behave in a more professional manner. 

Taxi services are a more reliable form of transportation. 

Mobile transportation apps can be added to just about any device, but your ability to get a ride can depend on where you are and how many drivers associated with the app that are available in the area. Not every location has enough associated drivers to get to people who need a ride in a timely fashion. Taxi services, such as Summit Express, are much more reliable and much more readily available no matter where in the country you may be.