Reasons To Schedule An Overnight Wine Tour

If you're looking to book a wine tour for you and a small group of friends, you'll often see tours that take place for a few hours. While the idea of spending an afternoon at a local vineyard might seem highly appealing, you should also see if the vineyard you're planning to visit offers overnight wine tours. Many vineyards partner with local bed and breakfasts or boutique hotels to offer tours that begin one day and end the next. Even if you aren't traveling for your wine tour and don't really need accommodations, booking such an event can be appealing. Here are three reasons to schedule an overnight wine tour. 

More Chance To Sample Wines

The number of wines that you get to sample during a wine tour is partially dictated by the duration of the event. For example, if you book a four-hour wine tour, you can only drink so many glasses of wine — and the administrators of the tour are going to make sure that the event isn't set up to encourage people to overindulge.

If you're a big wine enthusiast and you're truly in favor of sampling as many varieties as you can, a longer tour will give you more of an opportunity to do so. For example, should you book a tour that lasts about 24 hours or more, you'll get a chance to sample several wines on the first afternoon and evening, and then try some more over the lunch hour of the following day. 

Additional Meals To Enjoy

Wine tours aren't just about drinking different types of wine. Many tours are set up to include an opportunity to enjoy gourmet food, thanks to an on-site kitchen and dining room or perhaps a partnership with a local high-end catering firm. The food that you'll partake in on a wine tour is a real treat, but if you book only a short tour, you may only get one meal or perhaps a few appetizers — and this can leave you wanting more. An overnight tour is apt to give you at least one breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

A Fun Time Away

If you often have the sentiment of regretting that the event passed too quickly when you get together with close friends, you might feel the same way with a shorter wine tour. A four-hour tour, for example, can breeze past when you're having lots of fun and enjoying sampling wines and finger foods. The opportunity to extend the outing with your friends by scheduling an overnight tour can be highly appealing.

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