Starting A Cargo Business? 4 Ways A Cargo Van Load Board Will Benefit Your Company

If you're looking for a lucrative business to get started in, it's time to look into cargo shipping. One of the great things about cargo shipping is that you don't need a semi-truck and trailer. All you need to get started shipping cargo is a cargo van and a Class B drivers license. To make sure you have access to the available loads, you'll need to start following the cargo van load boards.

Why You Shouldn't Operate An Overweight Truck Without A Permit

In general, your company probably tries to follow the laws about operating trucks on the roads and highways. Right now, though, you could be thinking about sending out a truck that is overloaded. It's important not to do this without going through the process of getting the proper permits, though. This can be a big problem for these key reasons. Your Company Could Face Serious Fines First of all, be aware that your company could face serious fines for sending out a truck that is loaded with too much weight.

4 Things To Know About Your Airport Shuttle Driver

When you go to the airport, many hotels provide a shuttle service from the local airport to their hotels. This is a common service. Here are a few things you should know about the airport shuttle drivers who provide you with this airport service. #1 Most Earn Minimum Wage Most shuttle drivers earn minimum wage or more. Shuttle drivers are not paid a wage lower than minimum wage, like waitresses. However, shuttle driving is generally not an extremely high paying career as it doesn't require special expertise, like being a plumber or a freight truck driver.

3 Things to Know about Using a Helicopter Charter Service for Business

One way to get around in luxury is with a helicopter charter. These can be rented and used for leisure or business purposes. If you have some business associates or clients to impress, a helicopter charter can be a great way to do so. #1 Provides for Quick Transportation One of the biggest benefits of using a helicopter for business transportation needs is that it allows you to get to where you are going quickly.

3 Signs You Should Review Your DOT Compliance Program

If you are in charge of the management of a fleet of commercial vehicles, then DOT compliance is probably very important to you. You might have a program in place within your business that you use to help you stay on track with the Department of Transportation's requirements. These are a few signs that it might be time for you to review your DOT compliance program so that you can determine if any changes need to be made.